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Founded in 1953 by John M. (Jack) Hauck.  TSI Holding is a St. Louis-based family-owned and operated investment company established by John C. Hauck and affiliated investors.  Our core belief is to invest in private middle market companies that look to diversify into new product lines and geographies. 


TSI is looking for controlling investment opportunities with a strong management that operate businesses with sustainable performance and a vision for growth. We have over 65 years of experience as equity partners, owners and operators of businesses in distribution, aviation, consumer products and light manufacturing.  Our diversified background provides the entrepreneur and management team with a realistic evaluation of return horizons, capital needs and growth opportunities specific to their business. 

In addition to platform opportunities, we are also open to minority investments for situations like growth capital, minority owner buyouts, or bolt-on acquisition strategies.  We have experience at board level in variety of industries and business services.

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